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The website collects and utilizes the following information from its users:


Email addresses of individuals who avail themselves of the "Contact Us" feature to send emails are retained by the website, with the express purpose of delivering appropriate responses. These email addresses are securely stored and will neither be employed for any other purposes nor disclosed without your explicit consent.


While the classification of this information as "personal information" under the IPPs may vary, your consent remains integral to its usage. It facilitates the establishment of content ownership and enables website administrators to establish communication with administrators/content owners of other websites. This communication involves confirming website registration and notifying them of published links on this website. Subsequently, this information is retained to facilitate contact during the ongoing monitoring of website currency. All such information is securely stored within the website's system.

Your personal information will not be divulged to any third party except in accordance with the IPPs.

The administrators of this website are obligated to safeguard and manage your "personal information" in strict adherence to the IPPs.

Both this website and Better Earth Packaging bear responsibility for upholding the privacy and security of information throughout its collection, storage, and transmission processes via this website.

It is crucial to recognize that inherent risks are associated with transmitting information over the Internet. Hence, we recommend a thorough assessment of potential security risks before deciding whether to avail yourself of this website's services. For users who prefer alternative means, non-Internet methods of acquiring information from and engaging in business with Better Earth Packaging are available.

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